Sunday, March 20, 2016

Company of a cup of tea / 一杯茶的陪伴


Last year I experienced several failures in writing picture books. After attending some talks and workshops, I made a big decision of focusing on writing first. Every Sunday I would sit in the study for a whole day reading and writing. It was then that I fell in love with drinking tea. On my desk there was always a cup of tea keeping me company. Outside the study, the adults and kids would read and listen to the stories for me. The process was really fun and enjoyable. I got to see my limits and learned from others' feedback. To be honest, I appreciate whatever happened though everything was a blessing in disguise. 


     This past Monday I gave a talk in a school on making picture books. I said, "I really love making picture books. Though I am not very good now, I will spend the rest of my life on it." Upon hearing this, a sentimental teacher suddenly replied, "Don't say anything anymore. I feel like crying." I found her response amusing for I hadn't expected my words to be so moving. 


     I sent five stories to Hsin-y's picture book contest at the end of last year. Though this week I learned that only one story is shortlisted, I am still quite happy that I am working in the right direction. Compared with the past, I am also more active now. Instead of dwelling on the success and failure, I am eager to find out how I can revise my stories. 


     I have so many projects going on this year, but it's nice to have a cup of tea this weekend so that I can look behind and ahead before moving on! 

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