Sunday, March 06, 2016

After a fantastic trip / 旅行之後的高潮


What can be more fantastic than a trip? One of the choices is going to a wedding, the wedding of my little brother. 


     Of course I feel thrilled and happy for the newly-wed couple. However, God has given me much more than that. In the wedding, I encounter my elementary school teacher, who reminds me that I used to be a good writer. In fact, he cherishes a lot a collection of essays I wrote when I was little. To be honest, I don't remember a thing, but his words greatly encourage me at moments like this. Moreover, I have received a bunch of great Korean and Japanese picture books from Shaggy. I feel the urge to dream in the world woven with words and images in spring. 


     As for my biggest surprise, I receive half of the bride's bouquet, which is right by my side in the study at this moment. I feel it will bring me all the luck in the world! 


susu said...

這張照片中的你,明亮的雙眼,甜甜的笑容,好美噢! 祝福你和你弟弟 :)

Weichuen You said...