Sunday, September 13, 2015

Summer morning / 夏日早晨


My agenda was fully packed this past summer. With little free time left, I missed days of sketching badly. This, before summer ended, I decided to go sketching in the market in our neighborhood.


     Desiring a change, I left at home the journal and fine markers I was used to. Instead, I brought with me a blackboard and colored pencils. After having found a cozy corner, I was ready to get carried away by the sheer joy of drawing.


     It had rained earlier that morning. The sun couldn't hide its fatigue after having blazed for a whole summer, so it sent rain to take its place at the end of summer. In the market filled with orange light, ladies in colorful casual wear came and go in front of me. I felt the power of their mighty existence. The stall selling ready-to-eat veggie meals were ladies' gas station. I was so fascinated with their sturdy and
vibrant backs, also, the quiet yet massive warmth of the stall owner.


     I could sense races of rain outside the market, but inside the market, the sun never left.


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我很好唷!今年我開了一門繪本創作選修課,在準備教材的過程當中,才發現繪本真是太迷人了啊,已經完全無可自拔地愛上繪本!所以現在看你的作品好有感覺喔 :D