Sunday, September 13, 2015

Finland healed me / 芬蘭治癒了我


It was cloudy on the day when we arrived in Finland. Our tour guide also reminded us that because the Finnish people are the descendants of the Huns, they aren't so beautiful as the other North Europeans. 


     The weather turned from cloudy to rainy at the end of the day. Worse yet, I found that my work was not chosen in a picture book contest I had participated in. To get over my sadness, I hit the sack quite early in the cold and depressing evening. 


     The next day it was all sunny. I felt the warmth of the day. Plus the constant change of places and stimulation during the trip, I seemed to have partly recuperated within a day. 


     In the end I threw away pieces of my broken heart into the Baltic Sea and tell myself to start anew. 


     Fortunately it was Finland. After all, the other countries like Norway, Denmark or Sweden are too sunny to accommodate my disappointment. 

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