Sunday, September 06, 2015

Denmark / 丹麥印象


When we first arrived at Copenhagen, it was a fine day. The city is lined with beautifully-designed buildings which give off a cold industrial feel. 


     Bicycle riders passed us by everywhere. 


     I wouldn't say the Danes are not romantic. 


     Not having much time in Denmark, I didn't have many opportunities to interact with the locals. However, as I was sorting through the photos, I found many pictures of people. 


     In fact, I ran into some friendly people while shopping in the city center. I was almost given free ice cream because I didn't have any Danish krones with me. Also, a very enthusiastic clerk in the supermarket taught me Danish with such patience. 


     Even the statues of Churchill and Anderson are fascinating. 

斐德列克古堡 / Frederiksborg Castle:


     It was built as a royal residence for King Christian IV of Denmark-Norway in the early 17th century. The kings from 1671 to 1841 were inaugurated here. The fire in 1859 destroyed the building, which was later converted into a museum. 

     During this trip, I enjoyed my short stays in churches, where I felt rather tranquil. 


     The colorful raincoat of the queen. 

克倫波古堡 / Kronborg Castle:


     This is where the story Hamlet took place. It was built by King Frederick II from 1574 to 1585. 


     Somehow I was more interested in a museum-like place on the way to the castle. 

        回到台灣之後,某一天在八德路上的一家精品傢俱大樓裡,同一層裡就逛到兩個丹麥品牌,一是Royal Copenhagen的瓷器,一是BoConcept的高級傢俱,和後者的店員聊得很愉快,也在旅行之後對丹麥有進一步的了解!

     After the trip, I accidentally strolled into a building on Ba-der Road one day featuring high-end furniture. On one floor I found two Danish brands: Royal Copenhagen, a ceramic brand and BoConcept, a furniture company. I had a pleasant talk with the clerk working for the latter. It was then that I had a better understanding of the Danish culture. 

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