Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Finland / 芬蘭

西貝流士公園,赫爾辛基 / Sibelius Park, Helsinki


This year marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Finnish composer Sibelius. There are concerts dedicated to him everywhere in the city. 

石頭教堂,赫爾辛基 / Rock Church, Helsinki

由鋼管和大石頭鑿鑄而成的石頭教堂。第一次去剛好友人在辦婚禮,我們等到傍晚時再去一次, 現場的管風琴樂演奏讓我很不想離開。

The church was built directly into solid rock, which makes it look very different from ordinary churches. On our first visit, the church was rented for the use of a wedding ceremony. When we checked it out again in the evening, I was really awed by the live pipe organ music, which created a peaceful aura. 

烏斯潘斯基東正教大教堂,赫爾辛基 / Uspenski Cathedral, Helsinki 


Built in 1868, the cathedral is the biggest Eastern Orthodox cathedral in Western Europe. The cathedral exemplifies heavy influences of Russian culture. Though the indoor decorations are also sumptuous, they are of lighter hues, compared with the strong color themes of the outward design. 

赫爾辛基大教堂,赫爾辛基 / Helsinki Cathedral, Helsinki 


It is the Evangelical Lutheran Church located in the center of Helsinki. 

赫爾辛基城市景色 / Cityscape of Helsinki


Somehow the photos remind me of "Where's Wally?" Our tour guide told us in advance that the Finnish people look kind of sad, so I couldn't help observing if it is true. Did you find the lonely Chaplin? 

港區露天市場,赫爾辛基 / Market Square, Helsinki


There are stalls selling veggies, ready-to-eat food, handicrafts and souvenirs. 

赫爾辛基火車站 / Helsinki Railway Train Station


Goodbye, Helsinki! 

土庫大教堂 / Turku Cathedral


Turku Cathedral is the mother church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. It was built out of wood in the late 13th century. However, it was greatly damaged in the Great Fire of Turku in 1827, but was later restored.  


I captured the scene outside the cathedral by accident. 

土庫城堡 / Turku Castle


It is a medieval building in the city of Turku. Together with Turku Cathedral, it is one of the oldest buildings still in use in Finland. It was founded in the 13th century, standing on the banks of the Aura River. 


Now the castle functions as a historical museum, collecting and showcasing handicrafts such as wooden statues, ceramics, gilded silverware.


This is the movable bridge that sends one group of residents to the other coast and vice versa. 


Luxurious barque. 


What a sunny day in Turku. The city is called the most beautiful city in Finland! 


And this is the Silja Line we were going to take in the evening! 

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