Saturday, March 28, 2015

Wrong bus / 搭錯車


Yesterday we planned to go on an outing to Maokong, a hilly scenic spot in the south of Taipei. However, I made the silly mistake of taking the wrong bus, which took us into Xinyi District. Not to waste more time, I consented to the girls' proposal to change the destination to Songshan Cultural Park. 


     Being a fanatic fan of nature, I was disappointed by myself, but fortunately, there is much worth seeing in the big city. I accidentally walked into the Eslite CD store and found some nearly free vinyls, which so reminded me of the days in London. Those days when we were all screwed up because of the group project of designing vinyl covers now turn out to be precious as I look back. Though I don't have a turntable, I just couldn't stop myself from purchasing two vinyls. 


     This week I read the story I had prepared for three months to the boys. Their reaction turned out to be really awful. This was the first time I saw them frowning when listening to a story. I would have sulked for a few days before pulling myself together in the past, but I was blessed with a new inspiration the same evening. God bestowed drive and determination on me so that I rewrote the story during the week. Today when I read the new story to them again, Von exclaimed: Wow, the story is told in a very different way! Kids don't ask much. They only want us to tell stories with their language. Thus for me, it's very too late to revise. 


     I have no way to find out what the music inside the vinyl is, but that doesn't lessen my curiosity. Likewise, I am also very curious about where my effort will lead me eventually. Yet thanks to that, I never think it a bad thing to take the wrong bus.


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