Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Banana Boy / 香蕉男孩


I've been tortured by anxiety recently. Since I hadn't received any kind of notice from Hsin-y, I kind of collapsed. Today Meiyen gave a call to the publisher asking if the outcome of the picture book contest had been announced. I needed to wrap this up emotionally because I want to head into April without the mental burden. 


     The Banana Boy is Kai's book. He asks me if it's available in Eslite Bookstores. I tell him that I'd like that to happen too. He then replies, "Me too! I hope it'll be available in every book store!" Then we start to daydream. "Can Martians buy it?" "Not only Martians but also Venusians want to buy the book, but every bookstore is out of stock. The printing factories are hurrying to come up with more! We'll sign books until our hands drop!" He goes on to say, "Every book of ours will be the best-seller!" In the end I prompt him to pray for me every night before going to bed. 


     I literally spared no effort to make The Banana Boy, so whatever the result is, I won't give myself a hard time. I especially love the days I spent daydreaming with the boys, and it's definitely our biggest hope to make the book seen by as many people as possible. 


     Meanwhile, I'll say hello to my next book dedicated to my granny. See you in July! 


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爲淳好久不見~~我是奕帆。你的生活和創作還是一樣豐富呢! 話說我下學期準備開繪本創作的選修課,想想我這個三腳貓也敢來開這門課(其實是趕鴨子上架) XD


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I'm hoping for the best!

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我也要一本! Carol

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