Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring wear / 春裝


Today we went tomb-sweeping. On our way home, Jun and I talked much about life and work, which made me recall our childhood when we always chatted to our hearts' content. After I grew up, I strongly felt how lucky I am to have siblings. Aside from distracting our parents' attention, they also show me life is full of all sorts of possibilities. 


     It is by far from easy to create a brand. However, since Jun and Irma started Irman, I have witnessed their constant effort and sincerity they put into each item. To be honest, I envy them a lot for their courage. They are learning every day about design and marketing in hopes that more people can put on their products. 


     Every time when Dad wears Irman's designs, he looks dashing and alive. Jun and Irma know that it doesn't take much to look different, and they have that "spice" in their line. 


     With the coming of spring, Irman's clothes will make you stand out!


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