Thursday, January 01, 2015

Live well / 好好生活


Every night before going to bed, I will tell myself: Tomorrow morning I'll find the answer to my question about life and death. God has always been nice to me. The answer is there waiting for me the moment I wake up. 


     I've learned that in the face of death, we can't do anything but live with it. And one day we'll all face  the moment while what we have is the present. After breakfast this morning, I said the words to Mom: Let's live well. I'd felt exhausted for a while, but today I decide to draw, to exercise, to feel every moment. 


     On our way to the hospital, I am accompanied by the talk over trifles of my family. In the ward, our background music is an endless talk on real estate in Tokyo by the relatives of the other patient. After we leave, we talk further about work during the ride. Life doesn't stop because of death. Surprisingly, these words which might not make too much sense to me are so comforting. 


     When I am not shedding tears, I really thank Granny for such a significant present from the depths of my heart. Surrounded by my family, I feel sad and lucky at the same time. 

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