Sunday, January 25, 2015

Have a good night's sleep! / 睡吧!


August, 24, sunny. Today is Granny's big party. Everyone of us gets up before daybreak to prepare. The golden sunlight even makes the solemn Nan-rong Funeral Parlor in Keelung appear lively.


     We have booked the largest hall, with the front decorated with white and light purple chrysanthemums, pink roses and lilies. There is a very warm touch to the funeral. Also, the funeral directors are professional and caring. I have a feeling that this is going to be a very beautiful funeral. Still, tears roll down my face the moment I walk in. The photo collection prepared by Kay is a very moving tear-jerker. We go on shedding tears when seeing the dressed-up granny lying in the coffin. Upon hearing the speeches given by my youngest auntie and my cousin Tiger, tears pour like endless strings of pearls hitting the floor as we kneel in the ritual. The funeral directors are busy passing tissues all the time. I have to say that the funeral is very healing for the living. Granny has many visitors, to everyone of whom I show my deepest gratitude for sparing a morning to say farewell to her. In fact, a group of policemen even salute to Granny as her coffin is being driven to the crematorium, which is a rather magnificent sight.

     We take our last look at Granny before she is to be cremated. Each of us steps forward with a pinkish orange rose to tell her what we feel. I say, "You are definitely the BEST granny in the world not only because you are always kind and forgiving but also because you are so elegant even when ill and dying. I don't think anyone can ever do it better than you." My granny travels to heaven with her favorite card game and roses from us.


     When having lunch, we go on to share with one another the moments each of us once spent with Granny. Kay has had problems sleeping, which reminds me of our putting Granny to sleep in the hospital four months ago. Now she must be sitting high up there on the moon trying to put us to sleep. As we all know, she is the last person that wants to influence and change our lives because of her departure.


     But what can we do? Like what Mom said, Granny is so wonderful. I feel a part of my heart missing because of her. Luckily, I still have my beloved family to lean on all the way. The most comforting moments after Granny is gone are those when we talk about her. Let's keep on doing that in the coming days to remember my adorable grandma! 

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