Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Chi-du Market / 七堵市場


After Granny passed away, I started to be curious about her life. As I ask more and more questions, I realize I know very little about her. And that just makes me more eager to piece the puzzle. 


     Meili said Granny loved to shop in the market, which I didn't remember at all. So I take a train on a rainy day to visit Chi-du Market. Despite the rain, the market is throbbing with life. Taking a walk there works as well as drinking a bottle of Red Bull. 


     The market is brimming with all sorts of colors, all kinds of smells and all types of sounds. However, I can't take my eyes off old ladies. Meili has avoided going to the market recently because everyone knows Granny. They are bound to ask her how come Granny doesn't come if she shows up. Maybe these people I see are Granny's friends. 


     "What did Granny love to eat?" Every time when we went back to Chi-du, I hardly saw Granny eat. She was a busy hostess, and she didn't sit down to eat her porridge until we were all fed. "Granny isn't the kind of person that takes delight in eating. Her joy lies in seeing everybody and preparing the meal. Most of the time when she went to the market, she just looked around." Meili said. 


     Mom and Auntie said, "Granny had had a sweet tooth in the past few years." She was especially fond of papaya milk before passing away. At the end of last year, she also began to nibble cookies like a child. 


     "I wish we had shared moments of shopping in the market together." It's always when we look back that we realize we have missed too many precious moments, but most of us live our lives so absent-minded. 


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