Saturday, September 27, 2014

I've got a girlfriend! / 我有女朋友!

楷維繪 / drawn by Kai


Kai finally went to school! He was homesick during the first week. Though Von's classroom is right above his and Von visits Kai as often as he can, Kai still cried for several days. He also envied Von for having two half days off a week. 

楷維繪 / drawn by Kai 


   Though he gradually got used to school life, to our surprise, he missed those home-schooling days with my mom. We asked about his school days. Basically, it's reading, eating, listening to stories and taking walks, which sounds quite relaxing to me. 

楷維繪 / drawn by Kai 


   One morning on my way out, I gave them an after-school challenge to enhance their desire to go to school. The task that day is: How happy am I when school is over? 


   At the end of the day they couldn't wait to share their answers with me. Von said, "I'm as happy as a flying fighter jet." Kai's answer is: It's like traveling to outer space. 

楷維繪 / drawn by Kai


   Last weekend Von revealed that a girl has a crush on Kai. I asked, "How did you know? Did she tell you that?" He thought for a while, finally replying, "Yes, just like what you said." 


   A few days later, Kai said, "But I like another girl." "Does she like you too?" "Yeah!" 

汪達繪 / drawn by Wanda

        又過了幾天,我下班回家,兄弟倆便衝出來宣布:楷維有女朋友了!而且他們還牽手!楷維一向是自在灑脫的人,他展現無比的開心,阿嬤問他女朋友漂不漂亮,他很愉悅地說:um hum!而且他又脫口說出至少五個女孩的名字,我說:什麼,他們也都喜歡你喔?他一點都不遲疑地點頭。

   A few days later again, the two boys rushed out to announce to me when I came in, "Kai has a girlfriend! They even held hands!" Kai is always very open with his feelings. He doesn't feel shy or embarrassed at all. His granny asked him if his girlfriend is beautiful. He answered in a Casanova style, "Um hum!" He also blurted out five girls' names, and I couldn't stop being surprised, "They all fall for you?" He just nodded without hesitation. 

汪達繪 / drawn by Wanda


   Then I was told by their mom that even Von, who hardly talks to girls, envies Kai so much for having a girl he likes and holds hands with. It's always Von that gives orders to and leads Kai, and now it's the other way round. What is Kai's charm? 


   He must have forgot all the complaints about school's being boring. I tease Kai, "Oh, I want a boyfriend with whom I can hold hands too!" In fact, I envy more his honesty. Will he still be so in another ten or twenty years? 


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哈哈 大阿姨可以認識楷維的女朋友嗎?

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下次寫完 可以補個二阿姨 不然不知道是誰寫的喔~ 阿木!

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Hahaha ... Wanda姨筆下的阿楷更有趣,連我這個娘都忍不住笑翻了. (瑜)
謝謝妳給他們的任務喔! 讓他們訓練想像力(瑜)


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Back after a long time! I feel you have sophisticated your skills so much. I like Wanda's style, too. Take care and keep drawing.