Sunday, October 19, 2014

Autumnal serendipity / 秋光進行曲


On a autumn Saturday we saunter to Treasure Hill Artist Village, which is like a meandering uphill labyrinth. Though by the time we arrive, some galleries and studios have been closed, but we still get to see something. When passing by Tadpole Cafe, my high-tech young girls immediately Google it to see if it is worth a visit. With bloggers' recommendation, we do not hesitate to walk in. The artistic and romantic atmosphere does not disappoint us at all. When the Osaka beer Bean orders comes, the yeasty aroma fills the cool autumnal air. 


We carry on with our babbling that has gone on for several hours since the afternoon. It doesn't make sense, but we are extremely elated. The moment is too beautiful to be missed, so I can't help taking out my sketchbook. Though I end up with a terrible sketch, I don't mind. When the sky eventually darkens, the matchbox-like cars speeding on the highways in the distance form a charming image. 


I thought it'd be another weekend evening at my desk, but the autumnal serendipity takes me somewhere so near and far too. 


慢漫 said...

我喜歡你的速寫 ,因為我沒什麼童心 ,真糟糕

Weichuen You said...