Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mr. and Miss Curly's umbrella dance / 捲髮先生和捲髮小姐的傘舞


constance said...

Hey there! love the shoe prints and the names you've given them! i actually zoomed in to look at them and imagined myself at a magical shoe shop choosing the shoes. I have 2 favourites: Tulipy and Tangly :) they are sweet yet tough. I wonder if there's a psycological explanation to the type of shoes a person would choose from your list :D. Maybe that would be worth checking out ya? Although i love heels i just can't wear them anymore due to my back.

and speaking of back pains and such (we sound like old ladies don't we? :D), how's your knees? I hope those exercises recommended by your doctor are of help. actually what really happened? i searched through your posts the other day but couldn't find the exact answer to the cause. maybe i've skipped some so i might have missed it. if it's related to your spine then, i'd be able to give a lot of advice :)


Weichuen You said...

Dear Constance, I can't wear high heels either:), but at least we can imagine them on our feet...

Yeah, it's a good point. I should ask everyone to pick their top fav pairs of shoes and study if there's a connection between them and their choices!

I do sound and act like an old lady now:) I think I jogged too much in the past, and now my knees are getting even with me:) My spine is kind of crooked, according to the doc, but for the time being, it's the knee pain that bothers me. However, I am trying to apply physical therapy on them by myself. I try not to focus too much on the discomfort because the more I obsess about them, the more pain I feel!

What's wrong with your spine?

constance said...

well, if the doc did check your spine and not just your knees then, you should be ok :)

i was almost paralyzed due to slip disc 3 years ago. Prior to the operation, i used to have back pains and subsequently, my right leg began to have this 'sour' (suan - in mandarin) sensation and after some time the right feet began to feel numb. One day i just suddenly collapsed in great pain and couldn't walk or stand up at all. I thought the problem was with my leg as the pain was from the leg.

i was admitted to the hospital and found out after the scan, that the disc was actually pressing on my spine nerve that is linked to my right leg and i had only 20% of space left for my nerve to breathe.

I'm sorry for the long explanation but couldn't think of any shorter way to explain that sometimes, the cause of the pain may not always be from the same location.

do continue with your exercises and chi gong is actually good too :)