Friday, February 26, 2010

Beauty of drawing sketches / 速寫,不只是我的事


That day, for an extremely important mission of buying a rose, I stole some minutes between classes, traveling to the market nearby the school. I hid in a dark corner to draw a quick sketch, when a familiar face came out of nowhere—Ms. Moon, my neighbor in the office. She said a quick hello and left me alone to my private art therapy moment. However, I didn’t have time to color the picture until the evening, in the forever-lasting briefing before departure, when the tour guide droned on in detailed detail about the trip to Beijing. You can say I grasped the essence of time management.


This morning it occurred to me that I should share the finished work with Moon. It came as a surprise that several other colleagues crept out of piles of test papers for a break and gathered around us. We made a lot of noise, turning from the sketches of this week to those of last week, to those of two weeks ago as if we had taken the trips within a few minutes. In the end Moon even came up with an idea. She said to me with total sincerity, “Please take me to the riverside with you when you go for sketches next time.”


Last month before I headed for Hualien, my young colleagues in the counseling room kept reminding me to draw, which was the homework they assigned me. Today before leaving the office and walking into the sunshine, those beautiful ladies with whom I share my everyday work life shouted behind me, “Travel hard, draw hard, and take us with you to Beijing with your drawings when you come back!”

Stride / 昂首闊步的旅行


I am jogging from February into March at a confident and exuberant pace!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Traveling to the zoo / 到動物園旅行


I hardly go to the zoo in my life. My last visit can be traced to a dozen years ago. However, just like what I’ve always told others, if one child, born with a middle-age mind, skips the must-dos for kids, he or she will be bound to make up for that later in life.


I am by no means a young visitor to the zoo, but to be honest, I am so much happier there than when I was three. Each animal is unique, the pattern on their skin is so natural that this visit feels much more real than attending a fashion show. As I draw, I can fully appreciate the magic hands of the Creator.


We are leaving for Beijing this coming weekend. Apart from the freezing temperatures, I am also worried about toilet problems. Sharen said I’ll get to see everyone’s bottoms. Well, I certainly feel the zebras’ enthusiasm in giving me a lesson before the trip!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sugary Travel / 蜜糖般的旅行


I love to eat, but I hardly write about restaurants.

It rained for a whole week. I stayed indoors for five or six days, walked in the rain for one whole day. Eventually I would walk into a restaurant or café.


Boîte de Bijoux—the branch café located on An-her Road is the incarnation of a dream coffee shop that can only found in TV series. There are at least half a dozen young bakers. The waitresses prepared meals with such ease and care. Bread and desserts are unbelievably beautiful and yummy-looking. Even the paper weight of the business cards is perfect. Most important of all, it wasn’t crowded at all during my stay.


I don’t want to ask how the owner is going to make it because I want to believe that a café like this CAN survive gloriously in real life.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Traveling in the city / 認識城市的旅行

陽明山 / Yangming Mountain

象山 / Shian Mountain

This is a city embraced by mountains, and what shocks me is that I wasn’t aware of that at all. Whether rain or shine, these mountains breathe and change, beautiful in different ways.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Traveling for the sun and the heart / 太陽和心跳的旅行

圖攝於陽明山 / photos taken in Yangmingshan

I like to climb mountains, especially going uphill. I’ve been waiting for the moment when my heartbeats reach the maximum rate. At the beginning of that instant, I am first overwhelmed by the fear of not being able to breathe. But soon, when my heartbeat slows down, I am so aware of my own existence. Some words will emerge in my mind—it’s so good to be alive, with the red burning sun leaning against the sky.


Then I’ll feel total peace, the kind that makes me see everything in the dark.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Traveling with my alter ego / 和媽媽的小旅行


On our train ride to Shi-fen-liao Falls, I shared many personal feelings with Mom. I’ve always known that Mom looks for very different things in life than me, but I appreciate her endless effort to be part of what I love doing. Mom has grown up so much over the past few years. I hope I will be as flexible in my old age when confronted with difficult life issues.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Traveling to the sunset / 尋找日落的旅行


The moment the sun fell into the mangroves, my worries just dissolved…