Friday, February 26, 2010

Beauty of drawing sketches / 速寫,不只是我的事


That day, for an extremely important mission of buying a rose, I stole some minutes between classes, traveling to the market nearby the school. I hid in a dark corner to draw a quick sketch, when a familiar face came out of nowhere—Ms. Moon, my neighbor in the office. She said a quick hello and left me alone to my private art therapy moment. However, I didn’t have time to color the picture until the evening, in the forever-lasting briefing before departure, when the tour guide droned on in detailed detail about the trip to Beijing. You can say I grasped the essence of time management.


This morning it occurred to me that I should share the finished work with Moon. It came as a surprise that several other colleagues crept out of piles of test papers for a break and gathered around us. We made a lot of noise, turning from the sketches of this week to those of last week, to those of two weeks ago as if we had taken the trips within a few minutes. In the end Moon even came up with an idea. She said to me with total sincerity, “Please take me to the riverside with you when you go for sketches next time.”


Last month before I headed for Hualien, my young colleagues in the counseling room kept reminding me to draw, which was the homework they assigned me. Today before leaving the office and walking into the sunshine, those beautiful ladies with whom I share my everyday work life shouted behind me, “Travel hard, draw hard, and take us with you to Beijing with your drawings when you come back!”


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