Saturday, October 22, 2016

Yes, you may. / 可以喔!


My new kids always surprise me with really cool ideas. Their words often trigger backlash in me. I might not feel the power in the moment, but whenever I think about their responses later, I never fail to smile or laugh out loud. 


      This week the girls racked their brains hard to figure out how to accommodate the exchange students. One of the most amazing solutions came from Shakira. She asked me very seriously, "When my exchange partner comes, could I hold her when we sleep?" I was of course amused, but it is not until today that I see through what lies behind her words. I mean, how un-reserved can one be to come up with such an idea? 


      I can't answer for her partner, but as a very reserved person all my life, I am willing to say, "Yes, you may." this time. 

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