Sunday, October 30, 2016

Another kind of life / 另一種人生


Today I take the girls to a TV station for recording a program. I'm so inspired by everything I see! 


     I didn't intend to sketch, but I can't miss out on so many interesting gadgets. Don't worry, while my hand is busy, my ears are paying attention as well to the host, the writer, and the student guests. 

        我非常喜歡攝影棚裡黑色機器和亮橘色燈光的強烈對比,這位攝影師大哥發現我在速寫! 也許做不了其他工作,但是能有機會去別人的工作崗位體驗一下,真的很不賴! 

     I really LOVE the contrast between the black boxes everywhere and the fluorescent orange lights. Only the photographer in the above picture notices that I am sketching. 

     I might not have the courage to try another job, but it's so nice to experience something totally different! 

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