Saturday, October 29, 2016

Then, / 然後,


How does it feel to do the same job for fifteen years? Undeniably, I still like the job and the kids that I have spent time with along the way. However, I have to deal with more and more contradictory feelings in myself. As with every profession, it is essential to strike a balance between ideals and the reality.


     One day before Kai went to English class, Grandpa asked him, "Kai, do you have your head with you?" 

     He answered, "It's in the fridge." 


     This fall since Von was in fifth grade, he has much more homework than before. He didn't hit the sack until 11:45 p.m. two days ago. He used to greet me with a bright grin in the morning, saying, "It's fun to go to school." Now, he just squeezes a weary smile. 


     I say, "Then, let's go to school without our heads. We'll go with just our bodies and leave our heads home. Let's imagine lying on the sofa and chatting the whole morning." 


     Fortunately, he laughs. 


     Kai giggles, "The teacher will ask me where my head is, and I will say I need to go home to get it." 

     I reply, "Then the teacher explodes with anger!" 



     "Then, there won't be any teacher, thus, NO HOMEWORK! Hooray!"

     We three go out in a pleasant mood in the end. Finally, I go to work and give my students more homework...


constance said...

Can't help but laughed this early in the morning reading this post. Your nephew (right?) is so funny. I should tell that to mine too when he's at that stage!

Weichuen You said...

Yes, Kai is as free as the wind. Being a "heavy" person, I love his lightness!