Saturday, October 12, 2013

You are so hardworking! / 你好認真!


I promised to draw a story for Von this past summer, so I am spending every free minute I have on it. The four-year-old Kai still hasn't gone to school, so while Von is buried in homework, he often seeks for my company. One evening when I am working on the story, he makes a heartfelt remark: You are so hardworking! I feel like that there is finally someone who really understands how I feel. I turn to him and reply, "YES, I AM!"


   It takes imagination to brainstorm in the beginning of writing a picture book, but when I get down to drawing a series of images, it requires willpower, rationality, and perfectionism. I read about the famous Taiwanese picture book artist Chen Chih-yuan yesterday. Accomplished as he is now, he produces a picture book a year on average. This is a process that is constantly testing me for if I do not feel balanced, I can't draw well. 


   Despite all odds, I think I can. 


Constance said...

Hope you're well! It's been such a long time since my last visit to this little room.

Weichuen You said...

I am doing great! What about you?