Sunday, October 06, 2013

Autumn / 秋天裡做什麼?


   Kai has drawn three postcards for me in the morning; still, he hasn't had enough of it. So I come up with a new strategy by giving him a topic--draw your drawing at home on a rainy day. Since I triple the  number of brownie points, he is tempted to take the challenge. 


   I think Kai can do a better job, so I coax him into embellishing the image. 


   After the collage, we turn the picture into a poetic rainy day. 


   The topic for Von is: Taking a walk in the woods in autumn. He seems highly motivated. 


   As he goes away, I add an acrylic touch and some more collage. Meanwhile, Kai is all worked up, fighting to help his elder brother. 


   This is how an autumn day without any typhoon looks, full of light and breeze. 


   Or it's a good idea to go for a warm walk! 

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