Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mount Wutai / 五台山

攝於五台山‧菩薩頂 / photo taken at Pusa Ding, Wutai Mount


During the past two weeks, I took a trip to Shanxi, China. After coming home, I've been trying to recuperate. I wonder if it's because I haven't had traveled for long. I still feel dizzy, unable to find my way back into the daily routines. 


   It was a very exhausting yet enriching trip. Among the places we visited, my favorite tourist spot is Wutai Mount, one of the four Buddhist meccas in China. Though my students were bored by the temples in the end, the longer I stayed, the calmer I felt. I guess I won't forget that day in the mountains even as my memory of the trip fades in a few years. 

攝於顯通寺‧五台山 / photos taken at Xiantong Temple, Wutai Mount 

攝於塔院寺‧五台山 / photo taken at Tayuan Temple, Mount Wutai 


   We came across a very peaceful-looking monk in Ta-yuan Temple, who hails from Lhasa in Tibet to worship the gods. We literally fought to take photos with him and asked for his autographs. I couldn't help recalling a quote from my Thai teacher, Helen: There is nothing admirable about stars since they inherit their beautiful appearance from their parents. I'd choose to be a groupie of a highly spiritual monk because it takes a lot of personal effort to achieve the goal. I have to admit at that moment we were really crazy for him! 


Anonymous said...


I believe you will remember this trip for long time. Being budhist I wish to visit such place as well. The pictures are beautiful.

Take care,
Uncle S.

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