Thursday, April 04, 2013

My "Ding" Moment / 靈光乍現


One one mid-term day, after the bell rang, I was almost through distributing the test papers. Still, one girl was staring at her cellphone. I couldn't help confiscating it from her, murmuring silently that this student was really out of the loop. Since I love being an observer, I spent the next hour studying her. From the words on the back of her T-shirt, I found she's an athlete of the tug-of-war team. Also, she was fidgeting most of the time during the exam since there weren't many questions she could answer. 


After the exam, I called her forth, bidding her not to turn on the cellphone before the day was over. While passing the cell to her, I accidentally touched her palm. When I felt the hard calluses,  I was electrified as if I saw her whole life play out in front of my eyes at that moment. 

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