Saturday, October 15, 2011

observed drawing I / 觀察畫法(一)


After the intensive drawing lesson in the British Museum, Matt gave a similar assignment--we can draw an object of our own choosing, but this time we will have to fill a 40-page A4 size sketchbook. Apart from one-hour speech on Tuesday and Wednesday, we could spend the rest of time drawing and in the critique session on Thursday, we had to show it to the tutors. Next Monday we will have to finish a whole sketchbook. Since I have plans for the whole weekend, I had to draw as much as possible. I guess I spent about five hours on average each day drawing, which was definitely ultimate joy for me. However, by Wednesday evening, I have lost that freshness. Luckily, Elie came for a long talk for her parents had just left her dorm room. I also gave myself time for a pause.


When I went into the studio on Thursday, Beth and Vicky couldn't wait to take a look at my sketchbook and vice versa. We three are always the early birds...


At first I hesitated among several objects such as the toy tramcar given to me by Von and Kai, the scarf given by Hui, and the pair of Camper shoes given by Mom. In the end I chose the Nike sneakers given by Mom again because there are tons of stories to tell. Besides, if I get tired of drawing the left shoe, I can draw the right shoe for a change. 


I bore in mind the suggestions given by the teachers in the museum and tried to observe my object with integrity. I was so greedy back then that I ended up using mainly lines to sketch the sculptures. This time I determined to practice drawing color blocks, so I used charcoals in many drawings. 


Vicky and Beth both chose their favorite figurines. I guess Vicky didn't get enough sleep because she was kind of fidgety in the morning and kept saying that she didn't do enough drawings. She is good at portrait-drawing though with a very delicate style. After others started to stream in, Vicky saw Elie and murmured, "Here comes Ms. Amazing-drawing!" I haven't been a student for a long time, and it's really fun to feel that competition among peers. After Elie was seated, Vicky couldn't help asking her how many drawings she had finished, Elie said she hadn't started yet. Upon hearing that, Vicky turned to me with a "Yeah!" facial expression. These kids are just lovely... 


Jake, one of the tutors, was busy wrapping up a graphic novel, so he didn't show up. Louise was left with so many students that she put us into groups and told us to appear at the time assigned. Then most students left. I didn't feel like going home, so I stayed in the studio with the girls to draw. I came to see why students enjoy art class more than other classes because they can create and chat at the same time. Vicky told me with excitement that it was the two-year anniversary of her and her boyfriend. They made up plans to celebrate over the weekend, and one of the places they are going to visit is London Aquarium. I said, "Oh, there are couples everywhere on weekends. It's not fair!" She replied, "In the beginning I thought you are 20 years old, but you turn out to be 35. Go find a man!" I said, "OK, I'll do my best." (But the truth is that I am always home drawing.) Alas, this is the kind of dialog I have only with Shaggy, but now it takes place between me and British girls as well. On the up side, it means that I have totally accepted them, but it's really nothing to be proud of when they all know my problem. 


I observed how Elie worked, and she was generous enough to share drawing skills and theories with me. I quickly copied down the key points. When I turned around, Vicky was using ink drawing, which I had never used before, so I quickly wrote down the brand. I didn't draw much that day, but I had learned much more than drawing all by myself. Next Teresa came for a chat and I learned that she had meant to stay only for three months in the UK at first, but like what Barbara said, three months turned into a year and even more. After I ate lunch, I asked Aidan if I could take a look at his sketchbook. It felt that I was playing all the time, and soon it was our group, the last one, to have a talk with Louise. 


As I already knew, I have to draw the sneakers' relationship with the space, light and shadow etc. I am not worried for there are scores of pages in the sketchbook! 


Before going to the lecture, Xin from Guanzhou had a talk with me. She came to London last year, but the foundation year wasn't smooth. Later she had to take sleeping pills to fall asleep. Once she took overdoses so that she slept for three days and three nights. Everyone here has stories to tell. Take Vicky for example. She is very outgoing, but she didn't come to London from Ukraine until 12 years old. She said her mom felt like having a change, so she came by herself, and it was not until the following year that Vicky came. Vicky kept asking me about Xin at noon, so I told her that I would ask the latter to talk to her face to face. Xin was afraid that her English isn't good enough. I wanted her to do her best because this was a good opportunity for making new friends. When Vicky murmured again, I realized that she was all by herself for a while. No wonder she is interested in foreigners like us. Xin is a simple and straightforward young girl. She said, "I liked you, but today after the talk, I like you more." Well, you can call me a "young girl killer!" 


On our way to the lecture hall, Vicky said, "Weichuen, we should have language exchange! You teach mandarin, and I teach Russian! Exactly, after all, it costs 265 quids for us to attend foreign language courses at school! 


Ah, because of these young girls, I really love going to school! 


PS: I drew more than 10 hours today. Well, I have broken my previous records! 


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