Monday, October 03, 2011

College students' outing / 大學生的旅行


A few days ago Jazel came across a webpage advertising college students' tour to Stonehenge and Bath. Due to the low costs, we signed up almost immediately. Not to spend too much money on eating out, we even planned the menu for our meals during the day. I thus got up at 5:20 am to prepare our lunch boxes. The youngsters outside my window didn't go to bed for a whole night, while I was cutting and cooking in my kitchen with my head still muddled. I asked myself, "Why am I doing this?" Well, after a whirlwind of messy preparation, we left home as scheduled.


As soon as we arrived at Victoria Palace Theater, we saw scores of international students waiting. Asians such as Chinese or Indian students came in large groups. As for Europeans, they came mostly with their lovers or alone. Though some people carried in their hands bags of food bought from supermarkets, no one else carried a huge bag of self-made food like me or Jazel.


I believe that God makes clever arrangements for us when it comes to why we become friends with some people instead of with others. Jazel is a young 20-year-old girl, but she is no less zealous than me in our enterprise of picnicking and cooking. I often tease her about switching her major to cuisine soonish. The moment we got on the coach bus, she couldn't help taking out her well-prepared sandwiches with a heart-shaped sunny-side up egg inside each. What a lovely child...


Our travel companions came in different ethnicities and cultures. This loving couple sat in front of us, and they shared even the sounds of kissing with us. Even when they slept, we could feel tangled love between them, so I took a photo of them in memory of all that beautiful human emotion. 


We were surrounded mostly by Chinese students, but in the back of the coach bus sat really passionate Indians. Three Indian boys seemed to constantly look for opportunities to hit upon beautiful girls from various countries. Fortunately, Jazel and I gave off very strong hostile scents signifying "Stay far away from us!" So hardly anyone came to interact with us. However, I did enjoy observing how girls responded to them. 


Though Jessica told me that Stonehenge is nothing but a pile of stones, I couldn't help but feel thrilled when approaching our destination. 


Since Stonehenge is located on a vast stretch of grassland, people or birds are comparatively very tiny. Instead of stones, it's the boundless nature that moves me. 


Stonehenge dated back to as early as 3000 B.C. When the civilization was barely developed, human beings were capable of such advanced engineering techniques. What about three thousand years from now on, if the earth still exists, how much of today's architecture will survive? 


Lately I've seen more and more underneath the Brits' surface of politeness. There was a young tour guide on our bus. She looked like a student, and it appeared that she hadn't slept the previous night. She was anxious when the coach bus driver was half an hour late. However, she had no means to contact him, so all she could do was wait passively with us. 


Before we were dismissed to visit Stonehenge, the tour guide said we had to be back on the bus by 11: 50 am, but the Brits love to say, "Ten to 12" instead of "Eleven fifty." The students on the back either didn't care or couldn't hear her. Though Jazel and I were late too, some Chinese students didn't come back until 12:10. She was very angry, but still, she tried to repress her anger when repeating to us: You have to be back on the bus by 4: 40 this afternoon in Bath, or we will leave without you. 


After she specified 4:40, she added, "Maybe a quarter to five. We will leave at 5 sharp." No wonder the Brits can't define many things clearly in every aspect of daily lives. 


In fact, Ms. Picnic Chong and Ms. Picnic You looked so much forward to the picnic in Bath that we didn't care what had happened around us. When we made it to Bath, it was all sunny in the city known for rain. We looked for some green grass to sit on, and finally, we found an adorable little park on streets full of stone architecture. 


If you carefully compare our menus two days ago and today, you'll discover that there is SHOCKING progress in terms of quantity and quality. Some fruits and snacks were not even included in the photos above. As a matter of fact, after we prepared the food for picnic, our fridges were both emptied. We ate and calculated how much money we had saved from not going to restaurants, you can tell how hard we were living our lives! 


After the picnic, we had to travel hard. The tour company cut short our stay in Bath, so we had to hurry and look around. 


As far as I learned, Bath was established as a spa city by Romans in 43 A.D.  The King's Bath shown in the photos above was built in the 12th century, allowing bathers to immerse and sit in water. It was used for curative use until the mid-20th century. When I was about to take photos, a Korean boy blocked my view. Then after his friends said some words, among which I could only catch the word ajuma, he walked away. I reacted vehemently, "I am not ajuma!" They were kind of scared by my reaction. Well, you see, it's perfectly ok when I think of and call myself a middle-aged woman, but if it's someone else, especially when it's said by a Korean, I just can't live with it! 


The architecture everywhere in Bath is reminiscent of Romans' masculine style. 


This is Bath Abbey, which has been a place of worship for more than 1,000 years, but it has undergone many transformations. 


Tourists formed a very important scenery of Bath city as well. 


The further we went, the more the city expanded. We felt like being in a human paradise. 


On the other side of the river a competitive rugby game was going on. 


At last we sauntered into Guildhall Market. In the small space, it was all relaxing. Ladies took their time to drink afternoon tea, which was totally different from the atmosphere outside. 


On our way back to the coach bus, we took Polaroid photos all along to leave footprints of youth in the city of Bath! 


Grace Tan said...


感覺大家到了國外手藝都會進步呢! :)

shangyu said...

有耶!有耶!野餐的量的確有增加,不過還是吃得很健康喔. :)


好好享受這種為學生提供的旅行,比較便宜也划算,還有很多呢,像是去York,Warwick Castle,Stratford-Upon-Avon...等地,都不錯喔!可以期待. ^_^

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shaggy said...

旅行和菜色整個超精彩! 以後不用看帥哥廚師,看你和嘉蕊就好哩!


Anonymous said...

對嘛對嘛!! 我就真的不懂4點50分就說4點50分很簡單啊~~我BOSS是從歐洲回來的

城市的風景好漂亮喔~ 讓我可以暫時跳脫這裡~