Saturday, February 28, 2009

on my feet again / 振作


It must be that I didn't take any long trip this winter. And then new days just rolled on. I've been kind of sulky for a while. I can't muster any strength. Nothing seems right, whether to move forward or to take a pause.


This week I received the notification from Bologna Children's Book Fair. There were 2714 entries this year, but only 81 illustrators' works were selected. Like last year, I received another beautiful free admittance card. Though I hope one day I will receive a letter that tells me something opposite, I think what matters more is the passion to participate in the contest every year, or, the passion to create on a daily basis.


Cheer up kiddo!

Friday, February 20, 2009

morning / 早晨


On a rainy morning, I need to see the blue sky or stars.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

girls in the city / 城市裡的女孩


This picture is the pair image of Crying Boy: Girls in the city have a lot, but they are very lonely...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

crying boy / 哭泣的男孩


The chronological distance between the present and the trip to Nanto is almost one month. I had meant to doodle away four days as a way to record the details of the trip. But the truth is, I was too loosened up to do anything.


Lack of records in any form does not mean nothing happened. Every trip changes me in certain ways. Even without actual records, some images are ineffaceable. The aboriginal kids scattered nearby the coach buses, saying goodbye to big girls from the city. When the adults prompted the latter, they got on the buses with pieces of their hearts left behind. Those outside were equally at sea.


I had been a bystander. But when the bus started and took a turn before hitting the road, the image of a crying boy filled my sight. He looked so heartbroken and lost. I think he needed the ritual of crying, and then he could move on one or two days later. Yet, my heart was bruised for a long while.


Because I cried like that on some occasions. I always told myself not to repeat the sad experience anymore, but meanwhile I was afraid of turning into an escapist.


Before I find the balance point, I just need to draw his face first...