Thursday, October 30, 2008

I carry your heart with me / 戀愛的心情

這個星期的生活作息大亂,無心工作,也沒有時間慢跑,今天才驚覺自己很像是在談戀愛,可是我的戀愛對象是我的小書!e.e. cummings道出了我的心情‧‧‧

This week my schedule is totally messed up. I can't focus on work, nor do I have time for jogging. It occurred to me today that I am probably in love, but the object of my love is those little books! e. e. cummings' poem reflects how I feel...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

one art / 失去的藝術

詩人Elizabeth Bishop的詩集陪伴我將近十年了,在美國讀書時,我最喜歡的課就是研究Bishop的討論會,她總是帶著雲淡風輕的口吻說著人生各式各樣的重大議題,但是背後卻有著無限的感情和想像空間。心情紛亂的時候,讀Bishop的詩集讓我能夠平心靜氣,因為太喜歡她的詩作,我為她的代表作One Art做了本小書。

The collection of Elizabeth Bishop's poetry has accompanied me for almost ten years. When I was studying in Rochester, my favorite course was Bishop's poetry. She always narrates major topics in life in a nonchalant tone, but the reader can feel waves of emotion behind her carefully-chosen words. When my heart seeks for peace, I turn to Bishop's works because they never fail to calm me down. Because I like her poems too much, I made a little book for the famous poem One Art.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Neruda and me / 聶魯達和我


Lately I've been inspired to make mini-books. With my huge reading load every day, it gives me the idea that even if I can't come up with any remarkable poem in my life, I can at least illustrate for great poets' remarkable works. As expected, when I told others that I was working on Neruda's poem, he was mistaken for my friend. Hum, I felt very honored on hearing that!


In Neruda's poem titled Lament, the poet expresses everybody's hatred for what they are good at. There is a touch of poetic grayness in it. However, when I was making the book, I couldn't be happier. I hope I succeeded in concealing the contrast of our feelings in the pictures...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

between a man and a woman / 男人和女人之間


Besides love, there are floods, monsters, all beyond our imagination...

Monday, October 20, 2008

not the question / 選擇

To fall or not to fall, that is not the question.
It hits hard anyway.

paper tiger / 紙老虎


I am nothing but
a paper tiger
A light puff of air,
and I melt.

Monday, October 13, 2008

to Miss Bean / 給荳荳小姐


Dear Missy Bean, time, space, and our bodies have taken such a long stride ahead, but our hearts are constantly pulled by the gravity to the past. That explains our disappointment at the scenery around us at present. I have a feeling that my transitional period has lasted ages. I might find my pace today, but I can't stop myself from falling again tomorrow. I've been asking myself if this is going to be the mode for the coming years.


But I know that getting along with new people is like fitting in with new cogs. It's by no means possible to function perfectly from the beginning. So I am willing to give myself some more time. From now on, after getting out of bed every morning, I have to think in this way, today might be beautiful, or it might be a little bit frustrating. Beautiful or not, I am going to be calm and relaxed so not to miss some really impressive and amazing details.


Give lovely Americans opportunities. They can come up with awesome remarks too!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

not just my dream / 不只是我的夢想

For a while I hoped to see my works in published forms as often as possible. But in the past year, my wish has shrunk--I want nothing more than to go on with my art with a serious and passionate attitude. This self-expectation doesn't sound quite grand, but to be always full of passion, it's actually much harder than it seems.
Today when Shaggy gave me the magazine by Juming Art Museum, it really came as a very pleasant surprise. Ya-jun (the staff of the museum) quoted much from my writing on the blog this past summer. I was reminded again that once I bury my head in the task, what I don't expect will fall from the sky.
After the summer break, everything died down from the wacky climax. Without the merriment of painting together, I drag my exhausted body home after work. Despite the call for a rest from my poor physique and mentality, I would sit down at my desk as long as I am 70% sober and start my painting session. My one-man's art time, compared with the mural project in the museum is a little bit lonely. Yet I have to move on.
Tonight I realized again that my dream isn't just my dream. Every time when I talk about my dream, I see the glow on your face. I will reach my goal because in that way, I will make you find your dream and goal...

Saturday, October 11, 2008