Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mother and daughter, traveling together 1 / 媽媽和我的旅行 1


Chapter 1: We are taking a trip together!

pictures taken at Fiumicino Airport, Rome

Again it is time for me to travel, but my companions found their better halves one after another. Since I am not the kind of person that'll sit around and do nothing just because I can't find any travel mate, I decide to explore the world by myself again.

Summer, 2006

"Beautiful, sexy Italy! Here I am!"

"Here I am too!"
"Mama! What are you doing here?"

"Well, with Mom by my side, all my beautiful fantasies are shattered. In the meanwhile, it's really mean of me to say that..."

pictures taken in Taipei city

Then unforgettable images of my childhood flit across my mind-Mom and I had conflicts, shed tears and staged cold wars in different corners of the city. Now, more than twenty years later, I still remember every little detail.

I have grown up, Mom has aged. Will everything be different?

"Sweetie, here comes the train!"

Mom and I didn't travel together for years. She always accompanied my dad. I chose my companions freely, or went on trips alone. We are aware how different our traveling styles and needs are, so we never force each other to compromise. We love each other, but we leave much freedom for each other too. This is one of the unwritten traditions in my family.
For me, an ideal trip includes the company of a close friend or a lover that knows me well. It has hardly occurred to me that Mom and I will take a long trip together. However, after she retired from her lifelong career, she yearns to travel around the world so much. I then am her only hope.
I can't stay cheerful along the way. I'd like to show my mom the world, but I am weighed down with many insignificant worries.
"Sweetie, you see, the scenery is just lovely!"

When the train takes us into downtown Rome, I have thought things through. Since we've decided to travel together, I'll have to open my heart. Mom and I both possess wonderful personalities. We shall have few problems getting along with each other on the trip. Besides, I don't believe it will be more difficult than traveling with complete strangers, which I also tried in the past.
So, we are going to begin our adventure in Italy together!
"As we are going to travel together, we have to take care of and put up with each other!"

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mother and daughter, traveling together / 媽媽和我的旅行



With time flying, our trip to Italy was almost a year ago. I intended to leave it into oblivion. But no matter how my life moves forward, there are many pieces of memories I can't forget. Virginia Wolf said that what is not recorded is regarded as what has never happened. Besides, that was our first independent travel together. I cherish very much every little episode. Thus, I've made up my mind to record the memories before we set out for another trip soon.

If your heart longs for something refreshing because of the seasonal change, and you happen to miss your mom a little bit, come with me!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

at school 2 / 學校裡的事 2




Teachers love to write homework!

I don't remember too well how I felt about doing homework when I was a kid. For me, writing assignments was quite enjoyable when it came to my favorite subjects. Most of the time, I did homework just because I didn't want to be punished.

It occurred to me to do some assignments with my students last semester. Many ideas for the interesting homework about life education come to me when I am jogging. I've always been wondering how different mine would be compared with students' since I am so much older and more experienced. A few weeks ago, during the long holidays, I wrote seriously about short introduction on my past, present and future. After I finished it, my outlook on the future was so clear. Maybe my students will understand why they should take their time to do some homework in many decades…



Go out for fun if you are not in the mood for doing homework!

If you refuse to write any more homework, go out for fun! In the middle of the semester, many hearts have flown far and away from the textbooks and the school. Fortunately, this semester we have the graduation trip for the 11th graders. However, teachers wouldn't be so happy about the trip because we have all kinds of responsibilities. I call it "the un-tranquil trip." Despite so, many people still envy me for being able to go to the sunny South Taiwan. Then I'll try to have some fun along the way trying not to worry so much. Bon voyage to me!

Friday, April 13, 2007

at school 1 / 學校裡的事 1


"School life is so boring…" This sentence says exactly what's on most students' mind. For teachers, no one would object to that. However, there are some teachers committed to making schools a better learning environment. This spring, our art teacher Bei-ling curated a small-scale exhibit for me. I especially adore the poster she designed. In the turquoise little house lives my dear rose. I think it is a perfect image for this poetic yet rainy spring. Thank you Bei-ling!


I did not mention anything about the choice of the theme for my exhibit. When I was selecting paintings, I thought of my students. They hardly go beyond school, bushibans and their apartments in their daily lives. They are weighed down by tests, textbooks and handouts. I want them to see the vast world they haven't explored and show to them how colorful it is. Lately I've been asked by some kids about the meaning of their existence. If they can take a glance at what I've experienced, perhaps they will have more passion for life.


This year I have felt much change between my current and past students. The former do not say out loud their dreams stupid as they may be. The reason is simple-they don't have any dream. I didn't find it remarkable at all when kids told me their great wishes innocently, but I do find it to be a merit now. Most people would say in a resigned tone that they can't even take good care of themselves in the present, let alone the future. Yet my question is, how do you survive without any dream? I am never a pessimistic person. Nevertheless, if my students are representative of the new generation, I am very worried about the future of this country.


I am a very ordinary teacher, but I have a big dream. I want to be more than a teacher, I want to become an illustrator. This dream motivates me to get up, work hard, and seize every moment in life. I have never thought about a dreamless life because that wouldn't be any life for me.
This spring, let's dream together and make our dreams come true step by step…

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bali of Three 8 / 巴里島,三個人 8

來自巴里島的明信片 / Postcards from Bali Island

烹飪課 巴里島 01/29/2007

我的廚師陣容 / 我切的青蔥vs主廚切的青蔥





This was the Balinese meal prepared by the chefs, "and me."

看診記 巴里島 01/29/2007

「我們看醫生去吧!」/ XXX診所 / 醫生秘書 (是個男人) / 醫生本人 / 「這裡會痛嗎?」「不會!」「有嘔吐嗎?」「有。」「大便呢?」「一點點。」/ 「為了更進一步‧‧‧你‧‧‧」我只看到他那閃亮的大戒指。




This unknown medicine represented the Balinese doctor's good will.


All the physical pain occurred after this beautiful sunset.

巴里島夜未眠 巴里島 01/29/2007





Friday, April 06, 2007

Bali of Three 7 / 巴里島,三個人 7






















Monday, April 02, 2007

No blue Monday / 星期一不憂鬱


Though the official release date of LOHAS is Monday, April, 2, some people around me were so looking forward to the magazine that they had gone to 7-11 the convenience store repeatedly yesterday. In contrast, I seemed to be kind of indifferent in being so patient. Last night after Cher told me that she had laid her hand on the magazine, my parents bought all the magazines in the nearest 7-11. I couldn't but feel really excited. While it is a gray Monday, I smell something quite pleasant in the air.

You must wonder if I hit the jackpot or finally had my first book. In fact, I have only two pages. I know it's really no big deal. Nor am I someone who loves to go into details about my feeling. But I still want to say, I am so happy. This is like a small reward for my persistence. I bet many artists feel the same as I do. We don't ask for much. With a few words of encouragement, we can go on and on.

Apart from myself, I'd like to introduce an equally sincere creator to you--Constance from Malaysia. Since she founded her blog last year, I've witnessed Constance's rapid growth. Though like me, we sometimes are confused, but I am sure of one thing, that is, Constance is always full of enthusiasm and potential for illustration. We are both girls that take life seriously!

Lately some people have told me that they read every post in my blog upside down, inside out. I myself am actually ashamed of the lack of quality, especially when it comes to old stuff I did a long time ago. So the only thing I can say is, "Thank you." I don't have any other choice but to dream harder and work harder. I think that is my definition of LOHAS.
If you inhabit somewhere away from Taiwan and you want to have the magazine desperately, please let me know. I, along with Santa, will figure out a way to make your wish come true.