Sunday, January 24, 2016

Free World / 隨意世界


The winter break without homework gives the boys time to draw again after a long lapse. In the beginning they aren't very sure, "Can I draw in this way?" I can't help brushing off the question by replying, "As long as you like it." Then Kai blurts out, "Here is the Free World!" To be honest, I am required to impose restrictions on others at work, but I don't take delight in it. Like my students, I am also in great need of a free world! 


     Von draws one picture after another. By the time I am aware of how far he has gone, he has drawn seven pictures, which makes Kai very jealous. Yet he can't stop. 


     Von is a history buff, and he really has a blast drawing the famous figures in Chinese history. I admit that teachers tend to have a sense of insecurity when asked not to give any assignment, but seeing what Von do, I am reminded again that less is more, and not doing any assignment can be very significant! 

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