Saturday, December 26, 2015

Nice to have you / 有你真好

楷維繪 / drawn by Kyle 


On Christmas Eve, Kyle says to me with determination in his voice, "Tonight, I will open my eyes wide. Daddy said that Santa is a ray of red light. He flashes by in a sec." 


     On Christmas, Facebook records many children's anticipation of Santa's visit. Yoyo tosses and turns for three hours before falling asleep the night before. Shin sends a text message to Granny from Australia wondering if Santa has successfully delivered her gift. Kyle wakes up to find that Santa has left his gift in the other apartment. 


     I hear many adults remark with a teasing tone, "Children are so gullible. How come they believe in the existence of Santa without a doubt?" 


     I can't help retorting, "Why does it matter? Life is too real. We need some innocent and even ridiculous beliefs to make life easier." 


     I tend to shun away from highly promoted holidays. However, I manage to change my point of view. Kids and children just need a day when they can eat candy and unwrap gifts, have fun for no reason, and see a ray of red light. Then, miraculously, I end up feeling sweet love where I didn't expect. 


     Nice to have Santa! 

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