Sunday, October 26, 2014

Aura / 氣場


Once A-mei said to me, "I went to this design company, and the lady in charge has an aura that reminds me of you." I was amused to hear such description because I hardly used the word "aura" to describe others. 


   Lately I've always met up Granny in the hospital. Usually I am trapped in a certain kind of dilemma before going. However, I do not feel more frustrated upon seeing Granny tortured by physical pain. She has an aura that makes me see warmth and new life. When I leave, my universe is reconstructed one more time. 


   Several months ago Kai doodled on my Moleskine book. I took over afterwards. We created a dazzling Granny Bird dressed in a glamorous outfit. She looks so carefree. Though the acrylics have gradually fallen off, I still love her very much for she always makes me recall my one-of-a-kind granny. 

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