Tuesday, June 04, 2013



I met up Penny last week near National Taiwan University. In the evening, she offered to give me a ride home. Truth be told, I wasn't very sure, but seeing her trying so hard to convince me, I believed it'd be fun.


In the beginning, I was puzzled by Penny's route. Once I thought we were veering away from the campus. Fortunately, she found a way to ride across the university and gave a interesting tour. When we headed into PENNYLANE, I couldn't help telling her: Since last fall I've wanted to tell you that there is a lane named after you here! The climax of our little trip took place when Penny wanted to sail across a four-lane road near the back gate in 11 seconds! And, WE MADE IT!


Though I am way older the age of being a uni student, I have to admit it's really awesome to re-experience youth once in a while!

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