Thursday, June 20, 2013

Orange / 橘子


I had kept imagining the moment of peeling an orange and the stimulation it would bring to my five senses, so I ended up buying some for the real experience. The feast begins with the fragrance the orange exudes when I hold the little orange ball in my hands. Next comes the excitement of peeling an orange. Apart from the visual stimulation,  with my fingers lacing the thick yet juicy peel, I get to feel the orange through olfactory and tactile contact. Then inevitably the golden juice will drip and smear my hands and face. The climax lies in sending the beautiful fruit into my mouth for it to savor the sublime taste, which is a perfect mix of sour and sweet love. 


Every instant in life is a beautiful combination of five senses. There is an everlastingness to the moment of eating an orange, and any other moment. 

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