Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The Star Is Twinkling / 星星還亮著


Two weeks ago I received a letter from Hsin-yi Publishing House informing me that my work wasn't selected in the picture book contest this year. It did hurt. However, since I am busy preparing a book, I didn't have spare time for dwelling on my disappointment. 


While I was recuperating, Caterina reminded me that Sandra in London is a fan of my story Give My Star back to Me!. Last weekend I saw my past postcards shine on the walls of Shaggy's new place. They so reminded me of my colorful past. Today before leaving the office, I told the girls maybe we can get to see our first printed book tomorrow. Their eyes sparkled, and Sophy said, "That will be our first book in the world!"


When I go all out to shine for or pull those who are trapped in the dark, my stars are taking care of me. I am ready to start again, and I am determined to draw until the world sees my twinkles.


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