Sunday, May 19, 2013

16 Episode 4 / 16 第四集


In the past week I decided to let go so that my kids could take over the task of selling their works. I told them all the business strategies and checked from time to time if they did take action. After all, it takes much courage and confidence to sell one's own stories....


Though our blog makes the stories accessible, it seems that people are still more into the book. Our market is small, but there are some really passionate fans at school whose warmth surprises our young authors in a positive way. The girls in my class also go all out to promote the book. There were many visitors their age from  other schools. 


The writer is as important as the reader. I was touched to see some teenagers really reading the book. We do not earn any cent from the project. All I want is that my students' works are read by as many people as possible. This week some kids told me that they don't know their self-worth at all. My belief is that writing is a powerful act that enhances self-discovery and self-love. 


We also accepted book orders on the spot on the school anniversary day. I encouraged the girls to explore their business talent. In fact, it makes no difference to us to sell one copy and one hundred copies. However, I hoped that they could learn how to be salespeople.


Since coming back from the U.K., I've wanted to try the off-beaten track. My life has turned out to be quite different in the past few months because of the book. I spend so much more time on people now than in the past. Although we have wrapped up the project, I am no less busy since my days are again packed with counseling sessions. I did notice that my focus has kind of shifted when asked if I am still drawing by some friends. Luckily, I am able to find my balance in every moment. After almost a year, I saw the traces of my effort in my students and their parents. I never believe that I make effort only to get nothing in return.


I love people, so I can't hide home drawing all the time. I love drawing, and there are times when I have to be think things through by drawing alone. I think my next goal is to combine both.


Here is my temporary farewell to 16!

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