Thursday, January 31, 2013

Go to the Riverside / 去河邊


An-ching (meaning: sunny coast) was my student several years ago, but she is my colleague now. Despite her hearing disabilities, she has made it, which I find really a remarkable achievement. 


It's she that endeavors to read our language most of the time. Yet one day in Yunlin when I was about to sneak out for a sketch, she asked me where I was going. Maybe it was because of the lovely day and the relaxing atmosphere. She offered to teach me how to make the hand gesture for the question. I answered, "I am going to the riverside." She also taught me how to say that with my hands. I had learned so many spoken languages, but I didn't know the sign language can be so beautiful. I was particularly in love with the word "river." To do it, you wave your hand with the palm side facing downwards. 


Lately I've been upset because my students can't meet my expectations. But this girl reminds me again that everyone has their own life journey. Rather than obsess about others, I might as well go to the riverside for some sunshine! 


constance wong said...

I really like your recent sketches

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