Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nanmen Market / 南門市場


Mom and I are a traveling duet. Every day I name a place which I'd like to visit. She brings her camera along, and I have my very important sketchbook and drawing kit. 


Today our destination was Nanmen Market. I have been greatly impressed by what I saw since I took a quick look at it with my colleagues a few years ago. Apart from fresh produce, this market is known for its variety of traditional goods and dishes from the southeast regions of China. I had my eye set on the red sausages right after we went in. Luckily, an empty stool was placed opposite the stand, beckoning me to sit on it. The crowds surged in after 10 a.m., but I was rather at ease. 


After finishing the first piece, I turned around to draw another two stores specializing in dried goods and desserts. It was then when a gentleman said to me, "The police are after some people. Are you a journalist?" Looking at the sketchbook in my hand, I replied with a smile, "I am here to draw." He went on to say, "OK, then you can sit here and take your time. The police won't chase you away." In the middle of drawing, the lady owner of the shop on the right side in the picture came for a glimpse. She asked me if I was doing my homework. I didn't imagine that I could still deceive people with my appearance. 


In fact, what I wanted to draw the most was people at work in the market. However, it would be impossible to hide in a corner to draw them. I had no other choice but to take out my camera today, thinking that I should at least take some pictures for reference. But it feels totally different to sketch on the spot and at home. I prefer the former because I have to go with the flow and that's why my lines are full of life. 


This afternoon I took out the sketches I did more than three years ago and one year ago. I could tell my own differences. We all have our own ways to deal with aging, and mine is to record life with lines. 


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