Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The magic channel / 神奇通道


I found the boys nestled in the study all warmed by the orange-color light upon coming home from work one day. I couldn't help sitting down on the floor along with them, but little did I know that this was the beginning of a very wacky story. The children asked me where I was going the same evening. Because I didn't want to give a boring answer such as attending a seminar, I made up an answer with a beautiful visual image: I am going to the sea adjacent to the forest, and from there, you'll see a whole sky of stars. I guess I gave too tempting an answer that before I left, the boys lingered at the door begging me to take them along next time. 


The major reason why the boys are so into the story is that I include all their favorite cartoons and books in it. I also make my recent favorite Korean drama part of it. Kai loves the horse of the protagonist,  so we hide it in the forest near the sea. Not satisfied with mere verbal description, we decide to draw the story, which we name "The Magic Channel." From here, the boys can go wherever they want to.


Though I can guarantee I can make kids very happy, but they gotta have a very strong sense of reality!

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