Monday, September 29, 2008

subtle balance / 微妙的平衡


I witness my newly-attained balance shattered. I have no alternative but to stand up from my panic. My fate is to look for a new balance over and over again. Fortunately, as I age, I have slipped into this routine with ample ease...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Monday, September 01, 2008

first-time businesswomen / 經商初體驗



Kiddo, bread is much more important than you thought!


I had never sold my own works in handicraft fairs, so Ju-ming Art Museum offered me another first-time experience. Those who know me well are definitely aware of the fact that I was not cut out to be a businesswoman. Far from it. Still, I wanted badly to taste the beauty of selling my own dream. Thanks to my enthuasiastic fans and resigned parents plus friends, we created something out of nothing. There were also passionate young girls shouting to attract more customers.


Everything was perfect in my imagination. However, in the art museum located on the hill far away from the city, plus the scorching temperature, things were not the same as I had pictured. We sat in the cool pavilion waiting for our "fat lambs." It was not that hot as outside, but those visitors who passed by us were marked by a total lack of interest. I thought about it and came up with two possible explanations. It might be that the style of my works was too unadorable. Or we had that greedy look on our faces, which made them shy away from us. I did not feel like a popular artist at all:-). Well, I wonder if Jimmy or Nara Yoshitomo would still keep that halo around them if they were selling their products up here in the museum...


We were not that disappointed. This was the last free day before I went back to work. I could still live at a leisure pace, even just for a few hours. I was never bored since I got some young girls to tease. In the meanwhile, I got to experience the efforts that artists have to make for earning a living. It seems that without any talent for business, it's not hard to imagine them begging for food on the streets.


Before I left, I took a last glimpse at my dream. I will go back to work soon, willingly. Or how am I going to fly?