Friday, May 30, 2008

Wanda's room / 汪達的房間


One of the gifts Hui brought from England is the empty postcards offered by Tate Modern. The museum asks visitors to write down what is missing from the Tate timeline. When I got the cards, I knew right away what I was going to record--the beautiful time I have with Von!


This is how we (Wanda, 31 + Von, 2) dance in my room. Every day, we are looking forward to the dancing time. Who said that we can't fall in love with little children?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008



My dad is the principal of an elementary school. He dreamed and made so much effort to be a principal before he became one, so going to work is like living out his dream. He derives enormous joy from doing his job.


Dad is already sixty years old. Every day, rain or shine, he sets out for work at 6: 40 am. He drives from the metropolitan Taipei City, through mountains and sea, to his school near the seacoast of Waimushan. I think even in gloomy and drizzly winter, the sun always shines in his heart.


When friends of his age have reached the final line of their careers, I see in my dad, one beginning point after another, also, a beautiful life full of hope.

Happy B-day to my dad!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

the truth is, / 事實是,


Ah, you are no different from them out there. It's my imagination that beautifies you...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

the gift / 禮物


This week I gave the gift to my class, to whom I was about to say goodbye. I couldn't help feeling kind of lost. I realized that I had to reward myself with a gift too, that was a flower hug with warm sunshine!

雖然人生不停不停地前進,這個事實有些殘忍,卻也是它美麗的所在吧!因為我們因此遇見了期待之外的陌生人,譜出意想不到的故事。 我的人生前方還有那麼多可能在等著我,親愛的你也要加油喔!

Though the fact that life is all about moving on is rather cruel, it brings strangers into our lives and creates unexpected stories, way beyond our imagination. No one can deny the beauty of the cruel fact...There are so many possibilities awaiting me right ahead. My dear girls, you have to go ahead with courage too!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

dream men / 夢想人


Lately I've devoted all my energy to preparing a mysterious gift. Besides the race with flying time, I have this constant tug-of-war between my wild creativity and demanding perfectionism. That's why I am not in contact with the outer world for the time being.


Let's say this is the price I pay for my dream!

後記: 謝謝網友bartender le1502 的溫暖提醒!

ps: Thanks to bartender le1502 for the warm reminder!