Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hospitable Thais / 我的泰姐泰妹


I ran into Bai-fang last year when writing postcards at Maharaj Pier in Bangkok. Bai-fang is a super friendly and sincere twentish young girl. I was touched and surprised by what she said to me back then, "I really envy you for being able to travel alone so freely. I also love your drawings. You are my idol!" We thus became Facebook pals though she kind of disappeared halfway through. However, right before my trip to Thailand this past winter, she popped up again. And that's how we came to meet again this time. 


     Baifang took me to her hometown Nakhon Pathom. I had the pleasure to meet Baifang's whole family, including Nisa, Baifang's mom. We had barely met for five minutes when Nisa offered to drive me to Kachanaburi the following day. I was totally impressed by the hospitable family! At the end of the long drive from Kachanaburi back to Nakhon Pathom, Baifang and her big sis Baifern had prepared hot and yummy dinner for us. This is a very Thai experience for me! 


     Baifang took me to Donwai Floating Market near her home on a river cruise. It was so peaceful and quiet, which definitely feels more Thai than the cruise on Chaopraya River in Bangkok.  


     Nakhon Pathom is famous for big and fat pomelos, so they can be seen everywhere in the market. 


     Though the trip seems over, I am in the habit of drawing a picture about my trip in Thailand. This surely keeps my passion for Thailand alive. What's more, as days go by, I am nearer the goal of traveling back to Thailand! 

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Fungiimingo Baii said...

It's the blog that I love most in the world.
I like to follow where you go where you draw.
Thanks for sharing.