Sunday, February 26, 2017

Don Wai Floating Market / 海椰寺水上市場


My friend Bai-fang lives near Don Wai Floating Market. It seems a must-do to eat a bowl of duck noodles here.


     I love vegetables of various colors in the market placed in inflated plastic bags. What a feast for the eyes!


     There are vendors on the river, and fortunately, not so many as in other touristy floating markets.


     The cruise gives me an opportunity to take a peek into Thais' daily lives. The views along Tajin River are serene and graceful. Well, this place has become one of my favorite spots in Thailand!


     There are mysterious streams leading from the river as well as water chalets. 


     Also, really poetic modern cafes, Thai guesthouses and shabby old houses.

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