Monday, January 02, 2017

Yilan / 宜蘭

冬山河森林公園生態綠舟 / Dongshan River Ecopark


Sketching appears to be a solitary act, but the truth is, I've been sending quiet messages saying, "Come interact with me!" Today I decided to try a very classical ink pen and ink for my outdoor sketch. My tool attracted a lady who's highly interested in it, but my favorites were two young girls who sat to me in silence. 

羅東林場 / Luodong Forestry Culture Garden 


I looked for a hidden corner around the lake in the culture garden, but a senior lady living in the neighborhood couldn't help rambling with me on her daily routine walk. I had the feeling that we might have talked too much, but when I think back today, I realize her words remind me of my goal this year, that is, to be more ambitious!


constance said...

Love the bright colours of your sketches. I think I'd prefer silent observers too.

Weichuen You said...

Well, but there are some interesting on-lookers. It depends...