Monday, January 16, 2017

Swimming daytime owl / 白天游泳的貓頭鷹


I've been sending a postcard to Shaggy a day for three years. In fact, I draw the postcards mostly in the early morning when I am still sleepy and groggy. I sometimes feel kind of ashamed of the crude drawings as I throw them into the post box. We have got into the ritual of reviewing the postcards as we wrap up a year, and that is my favorite moment. My classic line is, "Did I draw that?" Meanwhile, I feel overwhelmed with the discovery that my everyday life is filled with so many fascinating moments and ideas. 


     On the rainy Saturday evening, as I open the door to the cafe, I am greeted with two expectant faces. Shaggy and Yu-shin propose that we start a webpage to share the postcards. Soon everyone takes up their smartphones and gets down to work. At the same time, we take our first lesson in marketing. Our rainy life suddenly lights up! 


     Another seemingly similar week has started, but I feel there're more possibilities for me! 

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