Sunday, November 22, 2015

My museum dream / 博物館之夢


When I was young, I dreamed of working in a museum. Though the dream was forgotten for many years, coincidentally, I found it again more than two years ago. Now looking back on the dots that connect my life, I feel very lucky. 


     This weekend, apart from my regular young visitors, we also had some Japanese guests. I was infected with the professors' enthusiasm in the design of the museum and our management concepts.


     I like museums because they hold numerous possibilities. Even if the guide or the teacher doesn't say anything, visitors can make new discoveries on their own. Then, what we see in the museum can be extended to our everyday life, which offers even more possibilities. 


     Every week,  moms and dads are eager to tell me what their kids remember from the previous visit. New kids whisper in my ears that they would like to have some fun on their own in the museum. Well, I bet our herbarium grandpa must be thrilled upon hearing the warm feedback! 

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