Sunday, November 15, 2015

Children's museum in full blast / 台大植標館兒少知性之旅


Now I am as busy as a bee on Saturday mornings because I need to prepare the teaching materials for the workshop in the herbarium in the afternoon. However, I am not the only busy person. Since a few months ago, I have made afternoon tea an indispensable part of the lesson, I have thought up many snacks for the children. Starting from this month, Mom has become the chef. This month the featured plant is the pumpkin, so we've been eating various snacks made from pumpkins. This weekend the menu is pumpkin soy bean milk. Apart from that, Dad's pumpkin seeds are kids' favorite. 


     But it's our Thermomix that does all the hard work and turns in the ingredients into different delicacies! 


     Every Saturday there are no more than ten kids that come to play with me. After six-month training, I can now proudly say that I don't panic at all in giving a two-hour-long lesson on plants. In fact, this should be my biggest achievement this year. With sufficient time, I can take it slow. I often say to the kids, "I know you are under a lot of pressure at school. Here, I won't force you to do what you don't feel like doing. Just relax and have fun!" In fact, I am saying to myself. 


     Usually there are three to four parts in an afternoon for children to learn about plants in all sorts of ways. Herbs are a topic I like to cover. 


     After smelling the leaves, we will have a cup of mint black tea. Yesterday the girls couldn't help exclaiming, "It's as good as the beverage sold in shops!" As a matter of fact, the tea kids drink is all natural without any artificial ingredients!  


     An amazing exhibition of pumpkins! 


     We are still fixing our museum theater device, but it will happen very soon. Before my dream comes true, everyone is focused despite the small screen of my laptop. 


     To eat pumpkin seeds, the kids raise their hands high. Well, this is the phenomenon that can be witnessed only on Saturdays! 


     Our guest lecturer Chong-yu introduces the powerful yet lovely cockroaches! 


     Snack time: Pumpkin toast from La Whale bakery



     With the exclusive pumpkin soy bean milk from the You family. 

     Before the kids leave, they still don't feel like going, "It's four o'clock already? How can time pass by that fast!" 

     What can I say? Saturdays are my fillips. 


     For those interested in children's workshop held in the NTU herbarium, please go to this website and sign up for it early! 

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