Friday, February 27, 2015

Thai B & B / 泰北民宿


When I look back on my trip to North Thailand, what stays in my mind is the lovely architectural designs of B & B. For a lazy traveler like me, a cozy place is definitely a plus. I might visit the region again for many reasons, one of which is for sure the wonderful B & B. 

清邁 / Chiangmai

1. Gord Chiangmai 

        民宿多位於小巷裡,而清邁的小巷風景值得速寫者流連。Gord Chiangmai是由好幾棟房子組合,所以要穿越室內外才能從接待台走到房間。Gord Chiangmai在古城的民宿一級戰區裡,房間寬敞,早餐好吃,wifi速度快;缺點是櫃檯有點小,浴室沒有乾濕分離。

     In Chiangmai, most B & B can be found in alleys and lanes, where I would like to linger for many interesting views. Gord Chiangmai is formed by several buildings, so we have to snake through the courtyard to go to our room. It is located in the part of the old town lined with lodging places. Our room is spacious, the breakfast is rather good, and I am very satisfied with the wifi connection. However, the front desk is small and there is not a separate shower stall in the bathroom. 

2. Green Tiger Vegetarian House

        Green Tiger價位稍微高一點,但是服務和房間品質超優。我們住的四樓有小吧台,早起的我就去看日出,房間陽台望出去的景色迷人。早餐吃得像王室一樣,白華離開綠虎之後念念不忘。

     Green Tiger is a little bit pricey, but the service and quality of the room is perfect. Our room is on the fourth floor; around the corner is an open bar where I go whenever I get up too early. I am fascinated with the views there. Green Tiger offers royal breakfast. It's the B & B that Bai Hua loves the most. 

3.  Charcoa


     Charcoa is not large, but it has its own restaurant and courtyard. The design is rather classical, and the breakfast is delicious. However, the room is not big. The bathroom is kind of worn out, and the room should be better cleaned. 

清萊 Chiangrai



     The living costs in Chiangrai are lower than those in Chiangmai. We choose Happynest, which is a rather new B & B located at the roadside run by young people. The design of the space is very interesting. To go up to the top floor, we have to look for the stairs. The wifi connection on the upper floors is not fast; breakfast is mediocre; we are accompanied by the noises of cars all the time. 


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