Sunday, May 28, 2017

Northeast coast in the rain / 下雨的東北角


On Dad's birthday, we go for a drive along the northeast coast. Though it pours, we are not daunted by the rain at all. Instead, we've never been so determined. 


     I sketch inside the dry and cozy car. Dad and I ramble on casually. Meanwhile, despite the rain, the fishermen on the cruise are ready to sail on the sea. 


     We race on the winding road along the sea, finally arriving at Pitouchiao. The scenery is so breathtaking that I can't help taking up my pens. The car is filled with the sounds of my brushes stroking on the paper. After finishing the sketch, I get off the car to take a closer look at the seacoast. The salty smell of the sea fills my nostrils, which is the best gift of the day, apart from the fantastic sea waves. 


     Afterwards we visit Nanya rocks. What an absolutely poetic combination of rocks, waves, and rain!


     We top off the outing with a photo shot at the super romantic Hoping Island. 


     It's not my birthday, but it's definitely a day much better than a birthday! 


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