Sunday, June 05, 2016

去上海途中 / on our way to Shanghai


     The plane meal tastes of freedom for me, so I never complain about the food quality. In fact, I have a thing for plane meals. 


     I haven't had a window seat for ages. That's why I am so impressed by what I see as the plane lands. I can hardly draw all the scenery, so I can only record it with simple sketches, which turn out to be the only ones I draw on this trip. 


     The pictures depict scenery I see at different heights. 


     The unique view of Yangtze River mouth: Green islets dot the brownish-hellow river. 


     As we get closer to the land, I see roads and houses in geometric shapes, along with the ships along the riverbanks and gigantic machines for industrial use. 


     Tiny rafts scatter on the vast river surface. 


     The orangish yellow school buses of the Taiwan businessmen's school are waiting for us as we head out of the airport. Our suitcase literally cram the small bus, and it reminds me that we are no longer where we come from...

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